Take A Moment This Morning To Review Your Ingredients

on Apr 21, 2014

When did we forget how strong we were bred to be!? When did we forget the struggles of our ancestors?! As advances in technology continue to make everyday task a breeze (if necessary at all), we are bitching as if life has gotten harder

You Only Have Minutes To Live

on Apr 1, 2014

What are you going to do with the final minutes of your life? Call you parents. Hug your kids. Pick up your bible and pray. What are you going to do now that you had all the time in the world to do before this moment?

You Can Never Truly Go Home Again

on Mar 13, 2014

Now going back to your old neighborhood can be another eye-opening experience altogether. Old hangouts are now vacant lots. Ma and pop shops replaced by commercial chains. The places were everyone knew your name…don’t know you anymore. Your boys are not at the basketball court anymore. The pictures of you dominating Little League have either been replaced or have faded beyond recognition.

Concepts of The XMEN Born From The Civil Rights Movement

on Feb 20, 2014

This is mostly due to the diverse dynamic of the group along with underlining message on fear and discrimination presented.The comic highlighted the heroes as human beings BORN with their abilities not acquiring them by some freak accident or aliens from another world.